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The Send-Off


The Send-Off

I was commissioned by JM the director to create a movie poster for his upcoming movie "The Send-Off". A great experience working with a fellow creative who really understood the process. highly collaborative we discussed ideas, compositions to really bring the film's message to life. if you'd like to know more about the film continue on...


Dan Richards is an award-winning actor living alone in his plush Hollywood Hills home, when he suddenly receives an unexpected phone call that changes his life forever. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, Dan throws a last minute house party with his closest friends in attendance. What starts as a fun get together unwinds when Dan gathers everyone around and divulges the content of his recent phone call. With the looming weight of this newly revealed news, the party explodes into a dark, uncomfortable unearthing of Dan's deepest secrets. Exploring themes of insecure masculinity and Hollywood culture, THE SEND-OFF tackles Tinseltown from a wholly original perspective.

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