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Stay alert, stay safe, stay active

Recent project I worked on focusing on staying active in these Covid-19 times. Making a fun activity card game kids can do with these parents or carers.

The challenge was to make the illustrations clear, fun, and simplistic in design. First we needed to determine the size of the cards, the format and how many. Working with the clients budget in mind I made various concepts of the layout and wether we could combine more than 1 activity to a card. This is also when we looked at other elements such as logo, description of the activities and colours.

We realised quickly having more than 1 activity on a card is too much, we also adapted a landscape orientation to make better use of the space for the title and descriptions. Lastly having the brand colours incorporated into the overall colour palette gave it a really sense of integration and the bright bold orange makes it stand out stand away.

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