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Deus Vult
Book Cover

Deus Vult 

I was commissioned by the Author James, to create a book cover for his fictional book.

James spent years creating this and was a pleasure working with him bringing his world to life. What's it about? continue reading...

November 1095. Pope Urban II ignited the passions of all the nobles throughout Europe with his fiery sermon and promise of a lifetime of penance in return for a holy war against the Saracen Turks. Inspired by this cause, Sir Rodrigo, a young knight from Castile, set out to join the armies being gathered by the Princes of Europe, as they sought to answer the Pope’s call and recapture the city of Jerusalem for Christendom.
An unexpected encounter with a stranger along his way challenges his beliefs about the Pope’s proclamation, leaving him troubled and determined to uncover the truth. Throughout his fateful journey, he experiences the epic battles and triumphs along with the horrific tragedies and struggles of the First Crusade as they march toward Jerusalem. His unrelenting quest for the truth will ultimately test his very faith in God when the crusaders reach their final goal.


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